Wednesday, 10 November 2010

contents for your personal First Aid

The contents for your personal First Aid kit

Even though it seems small it can fit an amazing amount of first aid items inside. The following is a list of everything that can fit within a small Altoid tin.

1 fingertip band aid: These hourglass shaped band aids are made for your fingertip. The wide areas wrap around your finger and to each other to keep the band aid in place.

1 knuckle band aid: This "H" shaped band aid has gaps to give extra room for you knuckle to bend.

2 medium band aids

2 small band aids

2 butterfly band aids: Small but tought band aids, you want to apply one end on one side of the wound and then pull firmly and attach it to the other side. These are for deep cuts and wounds.

1 alcohol swab: Rubbing alcohol is a great disenfectant of germs and should be used on any wound prior to applying a band aid.

1 sting relief medicated pad: A swab with Benzocaine will help with insect bites.

1 hydrocortisone cream packet: At 1/32 oz size Cortaid, this cream will help with areas that have a rash or are itchy.

1 triple antiobiotic: 1/32 oz size of Neosporin for those cuts that have questionable germ exposure.

1 burn cream packet: 1/32 oz size of Benzalkonium chloride and/or Lidocaine. This helps with burns.

1 menthol pain relieving gel: A Ben Gay type cream to help with muscle aches.

2 Pebto-Bismol tablets: Pebto is a great all around digestive system aid. Heart burn, upset stomach, and diarrhea.

2 Benadryl: Even if you do not have allergies the anti-histamin will help with swelling of the body caused by reactions.

1 Blistex packet: Personally I only notice chapped lips until after they are cracked and need attention.

1 pair of tweezers: Nothing like getting out a splinter and not leaving it in to work itself out days later.

1 vial of artifical tears: One small single dose of tears is great for dry days and they are contact safe in case you don't have re-wetting drops.

1 packet of misc pain relievers: Ibeuprofen, Tylenol, and asprin. Don't forget some asprin as it will reduce swelling, Tylenol will help with a fever, and Ibeuprofen is good for muscle pains.